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Missold Investments And Poor Financial Advice?

Do you know that if you have been missold a wrong investment plan or product by your financial adviser or even the bank, you can file a case to get compensation and recover your claims? You can file your complaint with Ombudsman services for investigation of the case. First of all, don’t feel that you […]

Missold Investment Bonds

Missold Investments In The Millions Of British Households

Great Briton may be economically strong yet many banks and financial institutions let their customers down by misselling them inappropriate financial products. Cases for missold investment bonds run in millions and in almost every British household. This article makes an attempt to see what are the reasons behind, banks and other financial companies, misselling their […]

How To Complain About Missold Investment

It is now an old story when a client or consumer who thinks that they have been missold a financial product from a responsible organization or bank had no other option than to simply put on with it. But recent introduction of efficient FSA (financial Services Authority) and other regulatory bodies, it is now possible […]

How To Reclaim Your Missold Investments

PPI or payment protection insurances are basically designed for your assistance to keep up with loan or credit card payments when you are not well or have suffered an accident or during redundancy or in case of death. But there are millions of people who have been missold such good investment deals. If you think […]


How Do I Know If My Investment Bonds Are Missold?

There has been a substantial increase in the number of missold investment bond claims and complaints recently. Misselling of investment bonds is generally attributed to independent financial advisers (IFA‘s) and banks, who mis-sell products to their clients or investors in order to enhance their own income or commission. As an investor, you need to be […]

missold investment bonds

What To Do If You Have Been Missold An Investment Bond?

If you think you have been missold an investment bond, then you are not alone. A lot of people are being missold investment bonds, growth bonds, profit bonds, equity backed investments and unit trusts etc., without even them realising it. Financial advisers have long since made investors believe that certain investments including investment bonds are […]