Frequently Asked Questions about Investment Bonds

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What is an Investment Bond?

An investment bond is generally a single premium life insurance policy.

Does an Investment Bond also act as a Life Insurance Policy?

They have a small element of life insurance that is paid upon death. However, it is an investment rather than insurance generally speaking.

What role does the Insurer play?

The insurance company will take the premium and invest it for income and or capital gains which accrue until a policyholder withdraws their investment from the policy.

Is personal income tax deferred with an Investment Bond?

As the policyholder does not receive income from the policy, personal tax is deferred until events occur and the insurer calculates a gain on an investment bond.

Is an Investment Bond tax efficient?

Yes an investment bond is a potentially tax-efficient vehicle to hold a range of investment funds in one place.

Can I expect long-term capital growth from an Investment Bond?

Investment Bonds aim to produce long term capital growth and/or generate a long-term return for investors. However, they can be a risky investment.

Can the value of Investment Bonds fluctuate?

Absolutely yes, hence why our company exists. Mis-selling Investment Bonds is quite common. In fact, you may not get back the full amount of your original investment.

What’s the minimum investment required for an Investment Bond?

They range from £1,000 upwards and can typically be set at £10,000.

How many Investment Bonds can I buy?

You will usually be allocated a certain number of units in the funds you choose or those set out by the conditions of the chosen Investment Bond.

What should I do if i have been Missold an Investment Bond?

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